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Framing Tips


Each description will specify if an original includes a frame.  When an original acrylic on gessoed paper is offered, it will always include at least clean white mats and a backing.  In the event that it needs a frame, we try to make it easy and offer a standard size, (one where you can purchase a ready made frame).

Original acrylics on canvas are painted on stretched canvases that are wrapped and painted around the edges, wired and ready to hang, eliminating the need for a frame.  We love the ease and versatility of these canvases.  If desired, the canvases may be framed.  They will need a deeper frame moulding.  There are "floater frames" available for canvases in wood and aluminum, which create a unique modern look.


As with the original paintings on canvas, the canvas giclee prints are wrapped around stretcher bars, stapled on the back, the image continues on the sides and they are wired and ready to hang.  Again, this eliminates the need for a frame, but they may also be framed if desired.  


We use a sturdy, premium quality paper for these prints. It is acid-free and archival, therefore, it should not yellow or disintegrate in our lifetime. As with any valuable work of art, try to avoid placing it in direct sunlight. If a lot of direct sunlight will come into contact with your piece, "conservation" glass is available. This is more expensive, but will block out harmful rays that will cause your print or painting to fade over time.

For humid areas like the beach, the prints can be dry mounted to make them stay flat. Ask your framer about this. They will be able to tell you about different kinds of mounting in detail.

Since most of the prints and paintings are of beach scenes, they will all look very nice with white-washed oak frames. You can find this type of frame in various shapes, widths and grains. The artwork can also be paired with a darker wood, like cherry or walnut, in order to be integrated into a house that is not "beachy."

For those who are not afraid of adding some extra color to the frame, there are beautiful color stained woods to be found in different textures and finishes.

Aluminum frames are the most economical way to go. They also come in different widths, shapes, colors and finishes. The brushed or satin finishes are particularly nice and copper looks great with the beach scenes.

Your framer will have corner samples of frames and mats. For the mats, choose a color or few that is used in the artwork and find these colors in the corner samples. Place the corner samples on the artwork and experiment with the colors that you have chosen to find the one or combination of ones that you like best.

A double matted look is a nice and economical way to accent your piece. White or off white looks great closest to the painting, followed by a color mat. If you love color, try layering two or three colors with a white closest to the artwork. Also, try varying the widths of the mats. This is a great effect!


The giclee prints are reproduced on 140 lb acid free Somerset using Pinnacle Gold inks.  The estimated life span of these prints is 68-75 years.  


The giclee prints are created on a heavier stock and most likely will not need dry mounting.    A hinge will be used if the mat desired is larger than the border of the paper.


The giclee prints work well with clean and simple styles or more colorful and ornate.  For example, the fish and butterfly "gardens" work perfectly with both a clean smooth espresso wood or an ornate metallic gold or silver.  Chose a frame that suits the style of your home or office. 


As with the shore prints, chose a color in the art you would like to accent.  White mats always work well as a perfect showcase for art.  


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